Our Patented Sandals

Why We Stand Out

Check out our newest line of orthopedic sandals and find out why we are the leader in comfort and affordability

  • Made with high quality materials

  • Designed to fit and protect your orthotic insert

  • Customer Satisfaction Garaunteed

Summer Should Be Comfortable

Cabo Comfort Sandals was born from frustration of not being able to use open sandals during the summer time, while on holiday or after the gym. Nothing seemed to be comfortable for any length of time. After trying countless sandals, memory foam just did not give the same comfort as a personal orthotic.

Our sandals have a patented design which allows them to accept orthotic inserts. Cabo Comfort Sandals will accept all brands of orthotic inserts. Orthotic inserts with small heels are also accommodated with a removable insole heel pad. With a specifically designed pocket in the sole of the sandal your orthotic can provide comfort while being protected. You can finally feel comfortable in the summer, on holidays or anytime you want to wear open sandals.